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Return & Cancellation Policy

Return and Cancellation Policy
Reservations can only be cancelled or changed by e-mail or by a written notice sent by certified mail to Cappadocia Package tour. If a written notice is received before arrival / travel commencement date, Cappadocia Package tour accepts the cancellation following these conditions
OOO "TavanannaTravel Agency" is a Travel agency in Cappadocia/Turkey
By accepting the privacy Policy and terms and conditions of registration, you consent to our use and disclosure of personal information in the manner set out in the privacy Policy. These Terms and conditions came into force on 01 June 2013.
In this document, terms that start with a capital letter are defined in this section.
''Customer" means a person who books services on the website.
"Products and Services" means hotel accommodation, vehicle rental, tours, events, entertainment, travel insurance, travel goods and other goods and services offered on the Site.
"Content" means text, documents, information, database, articles, images, photographs, graphics, software, applications, videos, audio recordings, sounds, drawings, characteristics, and other materials that are available on the site. "Content" also includes marks and products and services.
"Cappadociapackagetour" means this Site and its subsidiaries and affiliated sites.

"Provider" means the contracted owners of accommodation facilities, service and information providers, as well as providers of travel, transport and related services.

"Product" means every product, service, ticket, etc. that the Provider sells on Cappadociapackagetour

"Order" means to book.

"Site" means this Site ( www.cappadociapackagetour.com - www.gidkappadokii.ru) and any other sites that have relevant content, products and services available on this Site or any other sites.-

"Instant booking" means a travel voucher that is automatically generated and sent to the Customer by e-mail to confirm their booking.

"Booking on request" means confirmation or non-confirmation (in case of missing seats, incorrect dates or other reasons) of the booking within 24 hours.

The terms "Site", "Content" and "Products and services" do not include the sites, brands, content, products or services that are provided by third parties and that are available through links on the Site. Their use is subject to the conditions set forth by their respective owners or operations on the third party website.


Cappadociapackagetour provides an online platform through which sellers, tour operators, accommodation owners and other Providers can advertise their products, services, tours and rooms for reservations, and through which visitors to the Site can make such reservations. To make an order/booking via Cappadociapackagetour, You enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with "Tavananna Travel Agency". From the point of view of your order/booking, we act solely as an intermediary between you and the Provider, transmitting the details of Your order/booking to the relevant Provider and sending you an electronic booking confirmation.

The prices on our Website are very competitive. All prices on Cappadociapackagetour are presented as "per person", "per room", "per unit", "per bed", "per service" for Your entire tour, event, accommodation and include VAT and other taxes and fees (subject to change of these taxes and fees), unless otherwise stated on the Website or in the confirmation email.


4.1. Making a reservation

To order services or products through Cappadociapackagetour, you must search for available options using the search engine on the Site.

By placing an order/booking in accordance with the payment Policy of each product, You:

and.) must pay a Deposit to instantly confirm Your booking/reservation;

bel.) have to pay a Service fee to Cappadociapackagetour provided You with accommodation, health tours, MICE, groups and so forth.

The Deposit is given to you before the booking confirmation. You are responsible for payment of LLC "Travel agency Tavananna" balance of cost of goods/services ordered by You and, where appropriate, taxes or additional services. Your order is confirmed, if:

and.) Your payment by credit or debit card is accepted by Cappadociapackagetour, the operator of this Website;

bel.) You have received a booking confirmation voucher from Cappadociapackagetour.

4.2. Payment for booking

Cappadociapackagetour retains the Deposit for the services with instant confirmation of the booking or Service fee when You reserve travel services or accommodations through the Site.

All credit or debit card payments on this Website are processed by GARANTI BANK and are 100% secure. We accept Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard . All payments are made in USD ( $ ) according to the exchange rate in effect on the day of payment. In the event of a failed transaction, we reserve the right to cancel unpaid services and all vouchers become invalid.

All deposits and Service fees are non-refundable. Deposit amount is taken into account in the final calculations with Tavananna Travel agency" and You pay the difference between the total cost of the services and paid a Deposit. The service fee is not included in the cost of services and is paid separately. In addition, you are responsible for all costs, fees, duties, taxes and other charges arising from your use of the products and services available on the Site. You will be notified of the Deposit and Service charge rates before we confirm your order.

4.3. Payment for services "on request" and surcharge for tours

Cappadociapackagetour accepts the following types of payments:

1. Platon processing through GARANTI BANK: payment via 3D Secured system; accepted cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro; e-Invoice in dollar ; no registration; banking services make up 3% of the total amount of the account.

2. Bank transfer: cash / online payment; account in US dollars (USD) or Euro (EUR); no registration; banking services according to your Bank's tariffs.

3. Western Union / MoneyGram: cash payment; E-Invoice in us dollars (USD); registration at the nearest Bank branch; high Commission.

4. Cash on arrival: you may pay in cash on arrival upon approval by the Manager of LLC" Tavananna Travel Agency".

Below are the rules and terms of payment for our services:
Payment when booking or requesting
Term of 100% prepayment, days before arrival

100% prepayment methods

4.4 reservation change Policy

If you change your reservation, including the guest's name, date of arrival or departure, the amount of the invoice for the ordered services, change of room category or hotel class, change in the list of services, etc., Gidkappadokii will charge you the amount specified below.

Reservations can only be cancelled by email or written notification sent by certified mail to gidkappadokii. If written notice is received before the date of arrival / start of travel, Cappadociapackagetour accepts cancellations under these conditions.:

Cancellations are non-refundable.
No later than the start date of the tour is considered a cancellation (the total amount will be charged to your credit card)

Days before tour date

Fine, Euro / dollar

Tours-Excursions-activities (instant confirmation and on request)30 days or more = free

15-29 days = %20 of the amount

14 days or less =%35 of the amount

Transfers 10 days or more = free

9 days or less =% 50 of the amount

Accommodation for 1-9 people 15 days or more =free

8-14 days =%20 of the amount

7 days or less =%50 of the amount

Accommodation for 10 or more people 25 days or more = free

12-24 days = %10 of the amount

11 days or less =%25 of the amount